Monday, December 6, 2010

Finally took that step!

After hearing so much about my sister's "little" at the Big Brother Big Sister organization and after thinking so much about becoming a "big" I submitted my application, passed the enrollment class and the background check. Last week, I was called with the exciting news that they had a match for me! A sweet girl named Chasity. After speaking with two match specialists, I decided to not accept the responsibility to be this girls "big". The search will continue to find the perfect match for both me and the little.

I am very excited for the future that I will have with this organization! The opportunities that they provide the volunteers and the "littles" and the effect that they have in their community is something that I can support financially and with my time. Big Brother Big Sisters of Tampa Bay's mission statement is "To help children reach their potential through professionally supported, one-to-one relationships with measurable impact." I hope that I do not limit myself to just one "little" but that I can have an influence on my entire community.

Thursday, April 29, 2010


There’s no fancy way to say it – I want a puppy! My sister’s coworker purchased an adorable chihuahua and she sent a picture of the baby to me…..and just like that! I wanted one! I had thought about it before…I have probably been to at least 25 websites searching and I got to visit a puppy store tonight and lovvvvvvvvvvvvvved an adorable shih tzu girl! She of course was $1,000 with a nice generous $100 off. Ha – but with tax she was going to cost $960! Puppy mill much? Goodness. Well, I will continue to “shop” for an adorable puppy…

Doesn't my sister look soo good? and doesn't that puppy look really good with her? If he could stay that size cute. Ahhhh. I want a baby-doggy!

The puppy that I met tonight - I named Molly (yes, even though I did not adopt her) Her cute little paws would slide on the tile when she tried to sit up too! Please "All About Puppies" store, can you be a bit more reasonable on her adoption fee?

Monday, February 22, 2010

Well this blog isn't as planned..

I have heard my sister, Lynsey, talk about her experiences and enjoyments of being a Big Sister of the Big Brother Big Sister Organization. I recently graduated from college and have gained more "free" time now that I no longer have to dedicate my time to attending classes and working on homework... so I have been thinking more and more lately that I need to help out or give back to the community. I have been looking around and searching different local organizations where I can volunteer my time at. Organization such as: Red Cross, Florida Blood Services, etc. After some (light) research and everything that I have heard from Lynsey and her experiences with her "little", I have decided to apply to the Big Brother Big Sister Organization. I have been considering this for over a month but I have been hesitant due to my own fears of fulfilling this commitment and, selfishly enough losing my newly encountered free time.

Well fears pushed aside and selfishness swallowed, I am going to fill out the application and send it to the Big Brother Big Sister organization to begin the process in order to become an approved "Big".

Monday, February 15, 2010

The other day..

I was in Tallahassee this past weekend, when a good friend of mine made a comment that I should start a blog. I have never even considered writing one before, so if they are a little choppy.. forgive me! I am just warming up. The blog suggestion was that I start an "Ask Laura" blog. Sort of like a "Dear Abby" but not? I always try to have a somewhat good answer for any question given to me and why not blog about it? Everyone else is...

This may or may not be my attempt at blogging or answering questions that seriously need answers. I could not get the idea of this out of my head.. So if you have a question, ask away :)